Frequently Asked Questions

We're renovating our 150 year old farm house; can you match the trim?



that is our specialty.  We can match any Victorian and Heritage baseboard and casing profiles that are out there.  We prefer to have a small sample in hand to work from.  We can also match any other woodwork in your home including doors and jambs, sills and headers as well as plinth blocks and corner blocks.

Can you match my old Victorian porch?



we can work with you to re-create your old porch to look like it has for years or create something different for you.

Do you install?



we are manufactures and don’t install.  We can suggest local contractors who do well at installation, or we can give you some tips to help you install.


Do you deliver?



We can make arrangements for delivery and add the costs to your invoice.  You can always pick up at our shop, too.


Do you prime or paint?

We prefer not to prime or paint, but can look at our sources for you.

What type of lumber do you recommend?

Poplar is the best interior wood to use if you are painting your wood products.  It is harder than pine so it stands the test of time better and there is no pitch that will bleed through the paint.  We mill cherry, oak and maple, and other hardwoods, too, with excellent results if you prefer the look of wood.  Pine is the best wood for exterior products like porches, gingerbread and posts.